A Lifetime’s Work

There is value in a lifetime of artistic work.

We, as individuals, are a talented bunch.  Even mundane tasks can become artistic when the practitioner is skilled.  Inspired artistic undertakings, coupled with talent, can transcend normality.

It is powerful to experience the performance of an artist who has dedicated a lifetime to their craft.  Be it dance, song, athletics, or any other type of medium, traditional or unconvenional.

10,000 hours pays off.

Also, music is lenient with her window of opportunity.

An aspiring NFL Running Back or Olympic Sprinter, by comparison,  have a very short period of time within which they can achieve their goals.

Most musicians can devote decades to their pursuits.

For example, Colin Hay released this song in 1981, and he wrote this song many years later.

You’ll notice that the first is upbeat and happy while the second is slow and earnest.  But that’s not all that’s going on here.  Colin is a completely different person by the time he pens the second tune.

Their are years of life, laughter, suffering, and growth between 1981 and 2004.  If you listen, you can hear it.

It is a lifetime’s work, and it is beautiful.

What are you building toward?


– Caleb

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3 Responses to A Lifetime’s Work

  1. Sheila says:

    Caleb: Fantabulous!!! Keep up the great work. It’s amazing how a five year old (that was the last time I saw you) can blossom into a ‘fine young man’…

    Much success and blessings …


  2. Caesar Paul says:

    Hi Sheila!
    I see that you ran into my son on the world wide web.
    It’s a real delight to hear from you and to read your encouraging words to Caleb.

    I trust you are doing great in God.


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